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A Revival of Reason in Art

by | Jul 21, 2021

Photo by Aarón Blanco Tejedor on Unsplash

Too many moons have passed with my hemming and hawing. This week I made a final decision. It didn’t come easy. An old acquaintance once spoke to me of “dread-rights,” a time spent dreading possible unintended consequences of new ventures required before taking the plunge. I have earned dread rights. I jump.

Revival Writing was created to foster a renaissance of moral-based literature. The neo-morality of our present age is a masquerade masked in a cloud of confusion that aims to subvert the good. Older norms must be called into play to rekindle hope in the future. Judeo-Christian morality will overcome the irrational forces that undermine reason in order to profane all that is sacred.

If you have been wondering what has gone wrong with the world and why little seems to make sense these days—teaching schoolchildren to hate one another based on accidents of birth, exposing young minds to gender confusion and all types of sexual perversions, biological males usurping female roles, etc,—you are not alone. Do not despair. The battle is far from over. In some real ways, it has scarcely begun.

Irrationality posing as reason is evil. It has been around since the serpent tempted Eve. In modern terms, it has been weaponized by the likes of Nietzsche, Freud, Marx, Marcuse, Foucault, and others. It has been systemized by those following Italian “intellectual” Antonio Gramsci and has infiltrated even the most sacred of our Western institutions. Irrationalists, like the Sophists whom Plato despised, turn the bad into the good. Virtually all of our cherished institutions—legal, government, education, religion—have been infected. There is, thank God, a cure.

We must reclaim our culture. Literature is the lifeblood of culture. When literature is stripped of morality or politicized to the point of banality, culture succumbs to the irrational. We must work together to restore literature to its rightful place in society: guardian of the Good. It will not be easy, but we have no choice.

Working with words is my life’s calling. With extensive editorial experience, teaching a wide array of creative writing courses and the university level, and publishing works of fiction, poetry, creative nonfiction, and everything in between, I seek to help like-minded writers become better at their craft.

I have also worn many hats in the realm of publishing, from editor-in-chief to managing editor to reader at small presses and academic and literary journals. I have been Director of Professional Writing at state universities. I understand the creative, editorial, and marketing processes.

Some have already responded to this call-to-arms. We are working together to build a network of writers who publish literature that leads to beauty. For, as observed in the Imaginative Conservative:

“Artistic vision, Flannery O’Connor insists, takes place in a space where ‘The writer’s moral sense must coincide with his dramatic sense.’ Moral sense and dramatic sense imply reason. When a concept or idea is ‘senseless’ it makes no sense because it lacks reason. For St. Thomas, art is ‘reason in the making,’ and the artist must employ reason in the pursuit of beauty if they wish to avoid wandering around blindly in the hopes of stumbling onto it. Whatever the case, beauty should be the aim of all artists because, according to Jacques Maritain, ‘the final transcendent end is beauty.’

Let us come together in pursuit of the Beauty that burns away the ugliness in the world. Language is our weapon, and, as the adage attests, it is mightier than the sword. Ready to get to work?