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The God Question Revisited

by | Nov 20, 2020

Walker Percy and The God Question

The God Question Revisited

I recently wrote an essay with the above title that will be published in the next week or two. The article was a follow-up of a previous article published in Faith and Culture.  I am revisiting the question because I think people can benefit from pondering it on their own during these strange times. The God Question is simple: do you believe in a transcendent God or do you not?

This is the question that allows, for better or for worse, our humanity. Whatever your answer, the question deserves your full attention and engagement. If you refuse to answer or simply go with the flow without serious consideration, you are risking your humanity. Failure to answer also invites the cloud of cognitive dissonance that so many wander through like zombies these days, especially in the Days of COVID 19.

There is another way to get at the question. The maxim “where there is no God, everything is permitted,” when posited as a question, can also serve to spark the realization that only faith in the transcendent is able to give rise to the kind of hope that engenders true charity. In this light, The God Question is a gift from on high to those who can receive it with gratitude, a sudden light in the darkest of winters. ‘Tis the season.

For those interested in escaping the malaise that paralyzes too many these days, click here to read the essay “Walker Percy and the God Question.” I will post another link to “The God Question Revisited” soon.

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Happy Thanksgiving!